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Specialty Distribution

G&J uses our network of off-price retailers to launch new and exciting food, beverage and confection products. Our vendors achieve visibility with distribution in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In addition, G&J performs hands-on services with vendors which include:
  • Consulting on a monthly basis
  • Quarterly and annual budget reviews
  • Product rationalization
  • Key account management


G&J has a positive track record of investing in smaller food, beverage and confection companies. We invest in small private companies that want to grow their business model. We can take your company from infancy stages to a multimillion dollar corporation in the following ways:
  • Investing $100,000 to $5,000,000 cash
  • Assisting in developing bank partnerships
  • Aiding with seasonal capital needs
  • Financing for short and long term

Product Development

Our team specializes in creating programs to maximize profitability for each vendor. With our knowledge and understanding of the competitive landscape within the industry, G&J is able to keep up with trends and competition. We are cognizant of the overall scope of each category to ensure growth on an annualized basis by providing:
  • Line extensions within the business category
  • Niche products for specific customers
  • Seasonal programs


Due to price volatility of raw materials and an avoidance of packaging in the marketplace, G&J collaborates with our sourcing team to assist in providing: corrugate, cartons, film, plastic and glass containers. We can secure specialized molds and any additional requests from our suppliers both domestically and abroad.

Graphic Design

G&J analyzes multiple brands and works with our in-house graphic designer to create effective and unique packaging designs. Our in-house team offers assistance with marketing materials which will result in an incremental increase of sales and profits.

Organic SEO

With Search Engine Optimization, G&J will help increase website visibility in search engine results, boost traffic to product pages and increase profits for the long-term.