Example 1:  Beverage Company % Growth


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Example 1 (above) demonstrates how G&J developed a beverage company from its infancy doing close to $500 thousand in sales per year to over $23.5 million. Through G&J’s network of specialty retail customers, we are able to provide this company with a unique opportunity in an untapped channel with room for continued growth on an annualized basis.

We provide key account management and consistent help with product development and innovation to drive sales each year.

Early on in the relationship, we evaluated their current product line and determined there was room for growth in seasonal categories within the beverage business. Through these line extensions and expansions into seasonal categories, the business was able to branch out from its core competencies growing the business to what it is today.

G&J took an item and ‘made it a business’.

Example 2:  Peanut/Snack Mix Company % Growth


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Example 2 (above) G&J was able to provide valuable services from day one and is continuing to foster consistent growth every year.

G&J has taken an active role that includes quarterly and annual budget reviews, product development timelines, rationalization of underperforming SKU’s and specialization of customer selling programs to drive sales.

Being able to leverage relationships within our specialty retail accounts, we have provided this company with consistent exposure on an everyday basis in the United States and internationally.

Combining all these factors, along with the quality of the product being the best in their industry, has helped create a national brand. 

Furthermore, this has led to growth in their e-commerce business.

Example 3:  Candy Company % Growth


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Example 3 (above) G&J exhibits its value by using past experiences in the holiday gifting business. 

With experience of over 50 years developing and selling holiday food and beverage gift items, G&J continues to assist this vendor by focusing on category selling programs. 

G&J assists with license opportunities to foster growth to multiple channels of distribution. G&J understands the landscape and is always doing due diligence with awareness of competition. This understanding plays a vital role in developing new and compelling selling programs for its customers.

We have been able to assist this vendor by leveraging our Asian contacts with sourcing materials, components and food products to increase lucrativeness and provide better costs for our customers.